Write an equation for kinetic energy in terms of momentum

Kinetic energy is the movement energy of an object. William Thomsonlater Lord Kelvin, is given the credit for coining the term "kinetic energy" c.

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And for a fourfold increase in speed, the kinetic energy will increase by a factor of sixteen. For example, the cyclist could encounter a hill just high enough to coast up, so that the bicycle comes to a complete halt at the top.

In the game of billiardsthe player imposes kinetic energy on the cue ball by striking it with the cue stick. Like work and potential energy, the standard metric unit of measurement for kinetic energy is the Joule. But the bullet has much more kinetic energy than the gun. Since momentum is conserved the velocities of the two blocks are related by the following equation: Newtonian kinetic energy[ edit ] Kinetic energy of rigid bodies[ edit ] In classical mechanicsthe kinetic energy of a point object an object so small that its mass can be assumed to exist at one pointor a non-rotating rigid body depends on the mass of the body as well as its speed.

It is informative to write an equation expressing the total energy of the system. However, if the speed of the object is comparable to the speed of light, relativistic effects become significant and the relativistic formula is used.

The chemical energy has been converted into kinetic energy, the energy of motion, but the process is not completely efficient and produces heat within the cyclist. On a level surface, this speed can be maintained without further work, except to overcome air resistance and friction.

These can be categorized in two main classes: The kinetic energy in the moving cyclist and the bicycle can be converted to other forms. In fact, the kinetic energy of the 0.

Flywheels have been developed as a method of energy storage.

Kinetic Energy

If the object is on the atomic or sub-atomic scalequantum mechanical effects are significant, and a quantum mechanical model must be employed. The bicycle would be traveling slower at the bottom of the hill than without the generator because some of the energy has been diverted into electrical energy.

Without loss or gain, however, the sum of the kinetic and potential energy remains constant. The intuitive response to this might be that they would both inflict an equal amount of damage given that they both have an equal amount of momentum.

Therefore, the object weighing 0.

Kinetic energy

For two objects having the same momentum you want to be struck by the heavier object since it will inflict less damage. Alternatively, the cyclist could connect a dynamo to one of the wheels and generate some electrical energy on the descent.

Plus get a free 30 minute tutoring session. There are many forms of kinetic energy - vibrational the energy due to vibrational motionrotational the energy due to rotational motionand translational the energy due to motion from one location to another.

Kinetic energy is a scalar quantity ; it does not have a direction. If the cue ball collides with another ball, it slows down dramatically, and the ball it hit accelerates its speed as the kinetic energy is passed on to it.

Initially, the spring is compressed between the blocks. The kinetic energy has now largely been converted to gravitational potential energy that can be released by freewheeling down the other side of the hill.Unlike velocity, acceleration, force, and momentum, the kinetic energy of an object is completely described by magnitude alone.

Like work and potential energy, the standard metric unit of measurement for kinetic energy is the Joule. If momentum and kinetic energy are related, how loss in energy doesn't cause loss in momentum? Hot Network Questions What are the letters and numbers next to an opening's name on online services?

Write an equation for kinetic energy in terms of momentum: All energy is conserved, strictly and absolutely. Momemtum = Mass * velocity. Kinetic Energy = ½ * mass * Velocity^2 or Momentum^2 / 2m %(14). 51 terms. margaretrossjones. Work, Power, Energy, and Momentum.


The Difference Between Momentum And Kinetic Energy

PLAY. work. a force acting through a distance. joule. unit for work. power. the rate at which work is done. watt. unit for power (more common) kinetic energy equation (use symbols) gravitational potential energy.

Kinetic energy. You should know, and be able to use, the relationship between kinetic energy, mass and speed. The equation.

This equation shows the relationship between kinetic energy (J), mass. holds for a system, such as a particle or macroscopic body, having intrinsic rest mass m 0, total energy E, and a momentum of magnitude p, where the constant c is the speed of light, assuming the special relativity case of flat spacetime.

The Dirac sea model, which was used to predict the existence of antimatter, is closely related to the energy-momentum equation.

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Write an equation for kinetic energy in terms of momentum
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