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The user can switch between typing and speaking at will, and the program will suggest words that are hard to pronounce or spell.

There is no criticism and no pressure, so writing can be enjoyable. State-of-the-art word prediction suggests words for you to use and text-to-speech feedback provides helpful cues. If you need help deciding which word to use, each word can be read aloud before you make a selection.

It is used along with standard Windows word processors and other applications. It makes text available to users through multiple sensory channels - letting them simultaneously see, hear and track words. SpeakQ was specifically designed to make it easier for people who struggle with the mechanics of writing to express their ideas.

Simply copy any outside text to the clipboard and use this tool to add or remove words into your everyday dictionary, which also automatically creates a topic list. As an assistive technology, this is called transparent accessibility.

Their unit selection synthesis is ideal for assistive technology applications due to an extremely high level of naturalness, excellent intelligibility and the ability to speak with highly characteristic voices.

New in WordQ 4 Exam mode: In Canada, many schools have adopted it for use throughout their systems. The last level of prompting is reading the text at a sentence level.

Creative Spelling Prediction Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts. Simply set this mode for an extended period of time to ensure learners receive the assistance they need during test time.

WordQ+SpeakQ 4

Today, WordQ is used by a broad population of students, not just those with learning difficulties, e. The design of WordQ software was driven by advice from educators to keep it simple and to focus on providing prompts or cues to help you choose words and self-detect writing errors.

When Microsoft Word, Outlook, WordPad, or Notepad is used, your text is highlighted and read word-by-word within that application. Features[ edit ] WordQ has a small interface window that appears on top of whatever window is being run and functions with any application where the user types.

Topical Word Prediction Suggests words related to a specific topic that improves productivity to for user to easily build their own relevant topic lists. It is used along with standard Windows word processors and other applications.

It is intended for use along with other compensation strategies that are taught. As the user types in letters, the software attempts to suggest the word being used, based upon the first letters and words previously written by the user.

First, after selecting a suggested word, word echo helps you confirm your selection. See the "Tips" tab for m more information on how SpeakQ can help with learning. In addition to allowing you to see and hear word choices, you can have letters, words, and sentences spoken as you type.

WYNN was developed with the help of special educators and individuals with learning difficulties. If vowels are left out, the word will be spoken out letter-by-letter.

WordQ - New Writing Aid Software

This complements visual cues presented by some word processors that underline spelling errors. Proofreading Mode Independently find mistakes and edit through a simple strategy Exam Mode Allows turning off certain features for a set amount of time.

SpeakQ uses Windows Speech Recognition to allow the user to dictate into a microphone and have the text appear in the word processor. Menus, lists, icons and buttons can also be spoken as you use them.

You can also display the word with its different word endings. SpeakQ has several unique functions: At any time you have the choice of typing with the keyboard, using word prediction, or speaking straight into your text.

Pricing Info WordQ software is a writing tool for people of all ages and levels of writing ability, including those who have learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, or who are learning English as a second language.WordQ Writing Aid Software by Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre Distributed by Quillsoft Ltd.

WordQ: Pricing Info.


WordQ software is a writing tool for people of all ages and levels of writing ability, including those who have learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, or who are learning English as a second language.

Speech, and. WordQ® is assistive technology software developed by Quillsoft Ltd. and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, represented by goQSoftware and distributed in the United States by ST4Learning and in Canada by Quillsoft Ltd.

WordQ's main purpose is helping individuals who struggle with writing. With Inspiration™: wordQ+speakQ can be used with visual learning software, such as Inspiration, to enhance the content of a visual diagram.

Wordq Writing Aid Software

Topic lists, word prediction, speech feedback and simple speech-to-text are integrated to give meaning to images. WordQ Writing Software Fraser Shein, PhD, President, Quillsoft tLd.

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Vivian Tsang, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Quillsoft tLd. What is WordQ? WordQ is a simple, yet powerful, writing tool that works on. word Q Pro. Advanced, multi-disciplinary vocabulary** withlinguistically aligned words and phrases Enhanced usage examples with parts of speech; Text reading software reads aloud in a clear and pleasant voice text you highlight, including websites, emails and instant-messaging Offers a list of words with similar meaning to add.

Creators of the world famous WordQ and SpeakQ software products in the education and literacy field, with a focus on reading and writing. About Quillsoft Our Team Distribution Partners Companions Ambassadors Super Startups.

Wordq 2 writing aid software companies
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