Week long mission trips for college students

You also may assist medical staff improve their English literacy while making a meaningful impact on this program. Medical Internship in South Africa Another excellent medical internship with Love Volunteers brings you to Cape Town, South Africawhere you can assist in a government-funded clinic for people who cannot afford private medical care.

As with most other medical internships abroad, you must be in pre-med or medical school, or have some experience in the medical field.

Mission Trips

Projects Abroad Projects Abroad is a leading international volunteering organization, operating in more than 50 countries around the world. All levels of learning are welcome since your role can be observation-based, rather than hands-on. Read more here and apply today! Click here to view all of the countries where Projects Abroad offers dentistry internships.

Dental Volunteer Abroad Program in Colombia: We are located South Florida - below the Frost Line where it is sunny days out of the year! Volunteers under 18 are urged to apply for special projects designed for year olds. Founded inProjects Abroad has sent more thanpeople on meaningful volunteer programs overseas.

Abroadly works with vetted and reputable organizations worldwide to offer more than projects in the areas of child and youth development, construction and community development, education, health and medicine, human rights, sports and recreation, and wildlife and environmental conservation.

2018 College Internship Missions Opportunity

We have a local coordinator who will pick you up at the airport, provide an orientation the first day, show you the program site, and introduce you to the host family and other volunteers. Veterinary students and professionals will enjoy putting their skills to use to the benefit of animals in developing countries.

If you answered YES!! You will be trained as part of the Epic Missions Team! To sign up, you must have at least intermediate Spanish language ability, though you also can take Spanish classes at a local language school to enhance your skills.

During your internship, you will have the chance to explore Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Dharamsala, and many other stunning locations.

Depending upon your level of knowledge in healthcare and the Spanish language, you may assist with various procedures such as suturing wounds, giving vaccinations, helping with taking vital signs of patients, being involved in the daily procedures of medical centers.

A typical trip is days long and specific dates for trips that you can join as an individual are listed on our trip calendar. Here, you may see a diversity of animals and birds such as monkeys, hummingbirds, deer, coatis and sloths. Placements occur at multiple sites including a community hospital, specialized care center, and a larger general hospital.Short-Term Mission Trips Or are you a college student or young professional who would like to spend a summer gaining practical missions experience working alongside our international staff.

A typical trip is days long and specific dates for trips that you can join as an individual are listed on our trip calendar. We offer week-long mission trips throughout the year for groups of adults, college students, or high school students.

This is an excellent opportunity to see the ministry first-hand and be part of the daily programs we offer refugee families. One to two-week mission trips for youth groups, families, college students, adults, and everyone else.

Find a trip! Mission Discovery trips provide hope for people being served and people serving.

Short Term Missions

It’s a rewarding experience to be. Mission trips aren’t just for students! Join other adults ages 18+ serving God in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and throughout North America for weeks.

You can come as an individual or challenge your small group to join you. EM offers Christian mission trips for youth, college students, families and adults. Christian mission trips for youth, college students, Week Mission Trips. Bring your group (6 or more) of youth and adult volunteers to serve and partner one of our U.S.

Christian Mission Trips

or international mission trips. Mission Trips Weeks How might God use you if you took a step of faith to engage with His mission somewhere in the world? Cru offers many kinds of mission trips for college and high school students, working adults and families.

Week long mission trips for college students
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