Unequal pay and its return on society

Equal pay for equal work

For example, in Ontario, pay equality is guaranteed through the Ontario Employment Standards Act [46] while pay equity is guaranteed through the Ontario Pay Equity Act. Certain Canadian jurisdictions have pay equity legislation while others do not, hence the necessity of distinguishing between pay equity and pay equality in Canadian usage.

We Are the Most Unequal Society in the Developed World... And We Don't Know It

Most of us have no idea that our golden land of opportunity is the runaway leader among developed nations when it comes to inequality, see chart below. The Minnesota Legislature moved immediately in response. Companies must be made to explain themselves.

Spreading the word can really make a real difference. The highest earnings gap is The good news is that Americans of all genders, shades, incomes, education and politics think on average that the wage gap should be about 7 to 1, not to one.

They argue the fundamental issue is that the employer is the owner of the job, not the government or the employee. When it comes to offering opinions about what the wage gap should be, the Strong Democrats thought 5 to 1 was about right, while the Strong Republicans thought it should be about 12 to 1.

In fact, the entire elite establishment -- in finance, in the corporate world, in the higher levels of government, academia and the media have no intention of limiting their incomes, no matter what the public believes to be just and fair.

The employer negotiates the job and pays according to performance, not according to job duties.

Unequal pay could cost councils millions

As a result, we reflexively think that America is epitome of democracy -- the fairest most just and most upwardly mobile country in history. Progressives should be able to build upon this shared sense of basic fairness, one that is miles apart from what elites expect and feel is their due.

Gender Inequality: Equal Education, Unequal Pay

It has to do with our stock options and bonus plans," he added. This is primarily due to the method at which salaries are negotiated. Workers need more means to challenge those inequalities. Only then can we can break through the faulty self-image of America that is crippling us. We will need to learn the skills of building a mass movement, that starts by providing education on the realities of growing inequality.

This is intended to narrow the gender pay gap by reducing the impact of past discrimination. Beyond comparing salaries of all men to salaries of all women, the report broke down wage imbalances between the sexes along three additional demographics: It regulates that an employer must give the same salary to the workers who do the same work.

The data comes from the International Social Survey Programme: Mr Barnes also expressed concern about the outcome of job evaluation exercises carried out in some local authorities.

Equal pay is still far-off for Britain, where the gender gap narrows at a glacial pace

However, if such differentials are the result of seniority systems, award and discipline systems, merit systems or other justifiable reasons of non-sexual or non-sexual-orientation factors, the above-mentioned restriction shall not apply.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Americans are virtually blind to the growing gap between CEO pay and the pay of the average worker.

Share via Email Councils that fail to implement equal pay for staff face multi-million pound compensation claims, Unison warned today. Bythat gap mushroomed to to one. The study finally recommended that the state take several courses of action: To be sure, the "help-thyself" message has resonance, and access to more education is a good in itself.

Either men or women can complain that their work is undervalued. As of Novemberthe earnings gap in the private sector stands at That makes it hard for us to account for why we are more unequal than all these other countries.

But it is not enough to name and shame the worst offenders. Does education make a difference? According to the Star Tribune, in women in Minnesota state government made 97 cents to the dollar, ranking Minnesota as one of the most equal for female state workers in the country.

The Gender Pay Gap: It Affects us All

Stanley of Buffalo, N. Ten years out of college, the gap widens with women earning a mere 69 percent of what men earn. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.Unequal pay could cost councils millions after their local authority dropped its pay and grading funding in return for the millions the.

Watch video · Utah Republican argues against equal pay for women: It’s ‘bad for families’ and society. Green did not return a call from The Washington Post on Saturday.

This fantastic graphic was created and emailed to me by killarney10mile.com Big thanks to them for sharing! Equal pay is still far-off for Britain, where the gender gap narrows at a glacial pace. What is your company doing to help ensure equal pay between genders at your business?

We Are the Most Unequal Society in the Developed World A Universal Desire for More Equal Pay") We are the most unequal society in the developed world.

Unequal pay and its return on society
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