The socio demographic profile education essay

As specific health indicators, a list of some of the most frequent medical conditions or diagnoses was given. Personal interviews were conducted with house-to-house visits. The aim of this study was to identify socio-demographic factors that seem to contribute to a better understanding of the disability process and to distinguish groups of people, who, because of certain characteristics, are at greater risk for disability and social handicap.

Responses for each of the five questions were given on a four-point scale: The main objectives were the following: Only a small percentage 4. Standard assumptions of normality and constant variance were tested by the Shapiro-Wilk statistic and Levene homogeneity-of-variance test, respectively.

Questions were considered as contributing to a factor if their factor loadings were greater than 0. Two PCAs were carried out. Therefore, socio-demographic and physical health status characteristics were the independent variables with dependent variables the functioning indexes of the two PCA methods.

Factors were subjected to Varimax rotation [ 3839 ].

Socio-demographic factors and self-reported funtional status: the significance of social support

The final sample comprised persons of all ages. Categorical independent variables were transformed in binary dummy variables: It must also be noted that functional status does not always reflect the physician-related health state of the individual.

In particular, demographic characteristics have an impact on levels of daily functioning and seem to play a role even after controlling for a variety of health variables [ 16 - 21 ].

Only the adults, aged 17 years or older, were included in the present analysis. A significant part of the overall sample reported suffering from at least one chronic disease Four sets of variables were processed: Methods Sample and research setting The data used in this paper derived from a cross-sectional health survey carried out in Archanes, a medium size municipality of Crete, Greece.

The last three variables were used as potential measures of social support. Social support appears to play a significant role in explaining differences in subjective functioning: There is also a general consensus among researchers that social support plays a positive role for mental and physical health, in spite of different theoretical or methodological approaches [ 22 - 33 ].

A pilot survey preceded the main survey in order to detect and correct different problems of the questionnaire and its administration. It appears that, demographic and psycho-social variables mediate the relationship between health status and activities of everyday life.

Analysis of Variance and analysis of covariance The Analysis of Variance was used to find out if there were statistically significant differences of functioning in terms of the functioning indexes provided by the two PCA methods between the groupings of the factors in our hypothesis.

Results Among the two sets of independent variables, the socio-demographic ones had significant influence on the functional status, except for MSORM.2. Socio-demographic characteristics Edlira Gjonça University College London • The prevalence of most socio-demographic characteristics covered in this chapter showed differences by education and occupation.

Men and women. Education is the process of nurturing and developing the skills, capacities and potentials of the students to prepare them to be successful. Academic Self Concept And Socio Demographic Profile Education Essay.

Academic achievement is one of the major factors in education because it can be seen as an indicator of the success of a country’s education system. Oct 02,  · Socio-demographic variables included: gender, age, level of education, employment status, profession, marital status, total number of persons living in the house and living arrangements.

The last three variables were. Describes data and statistics that are available on Department of Education sites. Student Demographics. Resource Age Level; Special Education (IDEA) Digest of Education Statistics Demographic statistics on colleges & universities. Postsecondary: Return to topic list.

In this new blog article we are looking into the use of socio-demographics in surveys. More specifically, we will try to answer three questions.

We believe that you should ask your respondents about their socio-demographic profile educational level – generally asked as ‘the highest level of education completed’ – is also quite.

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The socio demographic profile education essay
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