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Descendents of Black Africans that were brought as slaves in the 15th to the 19th century are known as Sheedis. About this resource This Economics essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Backward Social Infrastructure Rapidly growing population creates economic and social problems such as housing, education, health, transport, water, power etc.

Thanks to science for its contribution, on one hand it is saving the lives of people but if we look it on other hand it is playing a negative role to population growth. It has crossed the six billion mark. They highlighted that when human capital and physical capital are substitute, the increase in population have a negative impact on economic development.

Foreign-born population in Pakistan[ edit ] Main article: Today, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the World. They used per capita income and population growth as two variables.

Position held by Pakistan in the list of all countries worldwide ranked by population from the highest population to the lowest population as of July 1 of the year indicated. The result of causality showed that total fertility responds positively with the increase in Gross Domestic Product GDP and Infant Mortality does not cause total fertility other factors affect it to increase.

This paper used twenty-one years annual data from to Total population in the country as a percentage of total World Population as of July 1 of the year indicated.

Overall total population both sexes and all ages in the country as of July 1 of the year indicated, as estimated by the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. They prefer early age marriages for their children.

Census in Pakistan

Such a stagnant economy will lead to closing of factories and businesses and the outcome is joblessness and poverty. People having smaller farms have no other choice but to mitigate in hope for better life. On the other strand, when human capital and physical capital are complementary the increase of population growth can be ambiguous.

Unemployment rate of a country affects the GDP in a direct or indirect way. A strong Pakistan should be our first priority.

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Time passing and any other enjoyments in Pakistan are very costly. Population growth and economic development has a negative relationship.

It also results in rapid population growth. Rate of unemployment in Pakistan is 5. In human biology, the whole numbers of residents take up an area such as a country or the world and frequently being changed by increases births and migrations and losses deaths and migrations.

Growth rate of agriculture sector is 1. Rate of investment and employment is also very low due to low rate of savings.

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Women have no any economic loss while having a childe. High Fertility rate harms the health of the mothers and children, increases the health risk of pregnancy and child mortality rates. In Southeast Asia, the estimated effect of population ranges from 0.

But none of them has produced the desired results. Nusrat and Arif analyzed the effect of human capital on economic development for the economy of Pakistan for the time period Demography What is Population?

Birth control campaign and large scale industry should be developed to shorten the gap. The study used ADF unit root test for the analysis of the relationship between two variables. Following are some suggestions: It is difficult to adjust the huge population in economic activities.Census in Pakistan The Census in Pakistan (Urdu: مردم شماری پاکستان ‬ ‎), is a decennial census and a descriptive count of Pakistan's population on Census Day, and of their dwellings, conducted and supervised by the Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Finance and Statistics.

[2]Country: Pakistan. Sep 07,  · Dear member kindly evaluate my essay Regards Population Explosion And Pakistan Outline: Introduction World Scenario In Respect Of Population Pakistan And Overpopulation &#.

Population Situation in Pakistan: According to the economic survey of Pakistanthe total population of Pakistan is 1 million against the 5 million in last year.

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Population growth rate is 2. During –, Pakistan's urban population expanded over sevenfold, while the total population increased by over fourfold. In the past, the country's population had a relatively high growth rate that has been changed by moderate birth killarney10mile.comtion: , ( - excluding AJK, GB).

Population Growth and Economic Development in Pakistan. Print Reference this In survey, Pakistan population was million and is the 7th largest populated country in the world.

The main reason for high Population growth rate was high fertility. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay. This free Economics essay on The effect of population growth on the economic development of Pakistan is perfect for Economics students to use as an example.

Population in pakistan essay
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