Opinion about nuclear energy

Remember three mile island, and Chernoble spelling? So this surprising new information did have a substantial impact.

Has greed and corruption blinded us all? It appalls me to see the number of readers who support nuclear power. So it hardly matters if the energy agency is censoring the news. This was the first time that public opposition to nuclear power in the United States had achieved a majority in the 23 years of Gallup polling on the subject.

Would thousands of power plant employees nationwide, endanger their own children, just for a paycheck?!

What Is Your Opinion on Nuclear Power?

It simply costs too much and is simply too dangerous. But everytime they come forward they are stopped. The both use electricity but that is where most of the commonalities end.

There are signs telling people not to swim in the river, fish, or use it for irrigation. When energy is perceived to be abundant, as it is today, the perceived urgency for nuclear energy diminishes. A lot of this is done in the Southwest.

Well here we are with a growing concern and the state and federal governments cannot seem to get their proverbial heads removed from their back sides long enough to see that something should be done about this particular plant.

Public opinion on nuclear issues

Spending on energy sources that can cause that scale of harm, now or later, wastes time and resources better dedicated to truly Green energy production and jobs.

Let me just say that about anyone, with any background can work there. These approval ratings are not strictly comparable because the polls were conducted by different agencies, asking different questions and providing different kinds of information prior to asking the questions.

Public opinion on nuclear energy: what influences it

The poll, conducted by ORC International on behalf of the Civil Society Institute CSIfound that two-thirds of respondents said they would protest the construction of a new nuclear reactor within 50 miles of their homes. It is possible to keep the lights on without nuclear, if renewables get the huge support needed from governments.

The worries behind it are are unfounded or grossly exaggerated. It is still necessary to pursue them but they cannot make a dent in the energy demands facing us in this century.

Thorium does not create nuclear waste like uranium does.

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Its that like renewables they are expensive to build. It used 1 gallon of water per KWh, we import uranium from Russia and have wate that will be unsafe for the next few thousand years.Nuclear energy has been quietly producing low-carbon electricity for numerous decades.

However, to this day, it still suffers from a lack of information and from bad public opinion, especially after the Fukushima disaster.

Attitude to the use of nuclear energy in the United Kingdom (UK) 2018

Oct 24,  · Best Answer: Nuclear power, I believe is the best, safest, most reliable, current technology to provide energy. The plants operating now are safe and the new designs are even safer. The plants operating now Status: Resolved. Nuclear power is a source of energy that, I believe, should be used.

Nuclear power allows us to continue to power our lives without having to pollute the air. It also provides stable electricity which helps prevent the frequent power outages that many areas without nuclear energy face.

In fall64 percent were in favor of nuclear energy, with 33 percent opposed.

Opinions on Nuclear Energy

Context matters. Public opinion on nuclear energy is highly changeable and easily influenced, because most Americans do not feel well informed about the subject. The UT poll shows many people in the middle.

Public opinion on nuclear issues is the aggregate of attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population concerning nuclear power, nuclear weapons and uranium mining. Surveys about nuclear power use have been conducted internationally for four decades. New nuclear is being designed to be affordable, and to fit better with the other clean energy technologies on the grid.

That wasn’t always the case. Back in the s and into the s, nuclear energy was less expensive than coal or natural gas, and renewables were a niche technology even with generous federal tax incentives, so reducing cost .

Opinion about nuclear energy
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