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The Legionnaires agree to this, provided they can be in the audience watching. Ultimately, Lyon is shown running back to a pleased Joshua and joyous family. Lyon tells his niece that he must go but to try to look for times when life can be good, Lion heart is emotional as she does not understand.

Lyon fights them off, but suffers a broken rib. Lyon goes to the hospital where his brother was taken. While bookies sideline Cynthia demanding she pay up, the Legionnaires capture Lyon.

Lyon, angered by this news, bounces back and summons up all his remaining strength to defeat Attila, subduing but not killing him. Lion heart arrives pennyless in New York City and is attracted to an illegal street fighting match that is being run by a New Yorker called Joshua, a man who runs fights for money.

Cynthia stacks the odds by smuggling a video of Attila and making it look as if he is fighting poorly in one of his earlier bouts, which as expected fails to impress the odds-makers. His brother, who is married to an American woman in Los Angelesis burned alive during a drug deal gone wrong and suffers third-degree burnsdying shortly afterward.

However she refuses to accept any financial aid from him, even though she obviously needs it, because she is angry with Lyon for "deserting" his brother years ago.

He steals a jeep and escapes through the desert, finding work on a tramp steamer headed for the U. They escort him back to the apartment, where they give him some time to say his goodbyes before being returned to Africa, where he will be court-martialed for desertion.

When it appears "Attila" has won, Joshua begs Lyon to give up, revealing that they were both used by Cynthia. Gaultier steps forward to take part in the next fight and destroys his opponent, leaving Joshua looking astounded at what he just saw.

She threatens to call the cops and Lyon has no choice but to leave. Figuring that this would be the best way to earn the money he needs to get to L.

To provide finance to help his sister-in-law and daughter Nicole, Joshua introduces Lyon in the L.Bringing a powerful and effective emotional literacy curriculum to prisoners and youth at risk across the country.

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Lion heart
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