Indus pencils supply chain structure

The improvements in transportation also improved communications — steamships and railways could also carry letters — but there were few independent improvements in communications with the single exception of the telegraph.

The supply chain responded by standardizing products. Both ships and ports were redesigned to handle containers. By leveraging scale, logistics and lean inventories, they were able to bring down retail prices as well as provide consumers with unprecedented choice.

So, when a pencil dropped, its graphite vibrates. The cost of real-time international communications had been prohibitive in the s and barely affordable in the s, but became irrelevant by the end of the s. Third, East Asia had a very heterogeneous mix of skills and wages.

Improved communications meant that it was possible to exactly specify components and products. In the s, entrepreneurs like Malcolm McLean began to revolutionize shipping — and logistics in general — by introducing standardized containers that could not merely be sealed and loaded into ships, but also could be seamlessly passed on to the truck and rail network.

Meanwhile, the American inventor Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin that mechanized the process of separating cotton wool from the seeds. Hong Kong and Singapore asserted themselves as major ports and clearinghouses for containerized shipping.

The product never passes through an Apple facility during its production. The electronics industry turned out to be especially well-suited to the decentralized production process. Ships purchased in the early s could carry four times the cargo capacity of traditional ships.

Then this vibration resulting the delicate and brittle graphite to easily snap.

Sugarcane molasses were then shipped to New England where distilleries in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Staten Island turned it into rum. Then, these products made their way in a largely linear chain to their end consumer.

From many decades, wood pencil made by old Sandwich method. The main disadvantage is that there is almost always an air gap between the two pieces of wood and the graphite. Until the s, ships had to be manually loaded piece-by-piece.

Competition from imported cotton was a major cause of resentment for the traditional wool industry in Britain. Second, geography helped since most of the key economic hubs could be linked by sea. This was the world of the village weaver, potter, blacksmith and cobbler.

Thus, you waste time in sharpening; often resharpening and you lose a long chunk of your pencil. Communications revolution The combination of containerization and telephones and related technologies like the fax caused the next shift in supply networks.

Now watch as the distribution end of the chain also dissolves into a cloud. There were many reasons for this. A specially formulated adhesive binds the paper together into a cohesive core that is hard as wood.A Brief History of Supply Chains. By s, a new generation of technological changes began to alter the structure of global supply networks.

The supply chain was no longer a chain but a cloud — an evolving ecosystem where economic agents could collaborate in one sphere and complete in another. Indus Pencil Industries (Private) Ltd.

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structure: The first section provides a background on supply chain management and reflects on the need for further empirical research therein and the appropriate- ness of case study-based research.

supply chain structure and supplier relationships as well as the broader effects on operations strategy. Green supply chain management includes the use of a reverse logistics system for the recovery of used materials and products.

Recovery networks link a “disposer market” of used. OMAX INDUSTRIES - manufacturer, supplier of paper pencils,wood free pencils based in gujarat,india.

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Indus pencils supply chain structure
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