Graduate studies challenges and strategies for

This can be done however by selecting a proper mentor who can teach the individual how to adapt to the needs of Graduate Studies or by consulting the professor, if possible, to gain an idea of just exactly what it is that is required Jerrard, Graduate school demands a lot of focus and determination because it is a focused occupation Jerrard, These strategies can be summed up into three key points; learning how to think, time management and saving for a rainy day.

American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education, Online Journal of Issues in Nursing are all good sources of information that will allow students maintain a high level of qualification in the rapidly changing environment.

A Step —by -Step Guide, N.

Andreoli argues that specialization is an important attribute of graduate study, signifying its advanced level. There are numerous challenges for students who are pursuing graduate studies.

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Essay Sample

This challenge means that nursing students have to keep up with the demands of the profession. Conclusively, there are many strategies that the students can use to address the many challenges that they will face while completing graduate study to avoid giving up their academic dream.

In the alternative, graduate studies, depending on the field, may also mean that an individual becomes part of a lab group or research team and must work closely with other students on that team. Education for Professional Nursing Practice: Pursuing graduate studies entails that a student must be able to keep up with the academic load that is required while at the same time be able to deal with the other demands off campus Smallwood, Before making any decision regarding pursuing graduate studies, an individual must first plot out the financial state and determine whether or not the current funds are adequate or find a part time job that will allow the individual to meet the needs of the degree while working.

High attrition from Ph. The options for those who are applying for a Ph. Students in graduate nursing programs have to learn to see beyond medical facts to people for guidance on the culturally sensitive nursing practices.

In this way, they can prepare for the challenge of dealing with diverse patient body in their professional careers. Nursing in Health Care 8 2 In part, this can be accomplished via a broad acquaintance with a range of subjects in their field that students can enhance by reading a broad range of periodicals.

Second, the student can find work to pay the inescapable expenses to wiggle through the complex and overwhelming graduate study. The academic mentality problem that most students and individuals who enter graduate studies without any real work experience have is that they fail to make the necessary transition from rote memorization in undergraduate education to creative research in doctoral training Smallwood, Statistics from studies have shown that roughly half of all incoming doctoral students will drop out, two-thirds of whom will do so during their second and third years Smallwood, The changing environment experiences rapid transformations in the role of the nurse as this professional position acquires more responsibility, getting ready to deal with a large variety of issues.

Students should also join professional alliances that will permit them to explore new opportunities in their profession.

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success - Part 2

Simply put, there are just so many demands in graduate studies that it makes it difficult for an individual to maintain the regular life style and routine that one has been accustomed to prior to pursuing graduate studies.

The work load in graduate studies entails that an individual works closely a one major professor and also additional faculty members to properly design the course study Smallwood, United States Jerrard, R.

Graduate Studies do not only require an individual to expend a lot of time and effort on the academic workload required to compete the degree but also require a major financial investment Doolin, Having a personal pocketbook calendar or organizer helps in this situation because it gives the individual a snapshot of the daily activities and when there is time saved after doing a certain task, it allows the individual to adjust the rest of the schedule and allot more time for studying.

Students in graduate studies will be required to read voluminous notes and journals for just one session and synthesize the readings for report in class. Developing an efficient and effective time management schedule is crucial in graduate school to ensure the success of an individual.

Graduate Studies Challenges And Strategies Essay

This brings up the topic of finances which is a major factor in succeeding in Graduate Studies. Due to the costs of obtaining a degree in and Graduate Study, most students take part time jobs or apply for scholarships to help shoulder the costs. During graduate studies, students have to prepare themselves to deal with such challenge.

We can easily jot down very efficient traditions the students can use to address the challenge to cross the finish line in the thesis or dissertation defense race. That being said, it is time to examine the challenges that students face in graduate studies.Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success In my current role as a nurse educator I feel the desire to pursue my dream of obtaining a master’s degree, specializing in nursing education.

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success HCS/ August 6, John Dean Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success According to Linda Weston Kramer “Retuning to graduate school is a major decision in one’s professional life.

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies The decision to attend graduate school is an important decision to make. Even though continuing one's education has many benefits, it also comes with many challenges.

Abstract. Returning to graduate school is a major decision in one's professional life. Although there are many benefits to returning to school to earn a graduate degree, it is also very challenging. There are many challenges that a student will face while completing graduate study.

One challenge is to choose the title of the thesis or dissertation. Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success 1 Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Andrea Mitchell HCS/ November 26, Marilyn Ketchum CANP Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success 2 After years of working in an electrical wire factory it shut down and moved to Mexico.

Graduate studies challenges and strategies for
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