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Falling into a fathomless pit of nothing. What do they want from me? Get Access Short Gothic Story Essay Sample The rain fell down like tiny stones onto my head, it was only a light shower at the moment, but as I recall the weather reporter said there would be an intensive storm soon.

I was about to scream but I heard the sound of glass Gothic story essay from room next to me. I scurried around the house closing all the shutters and locking all the windows. I whirled around and came face to face to Then out of nowhere I heard an eruption of thunder echoing all through the woods, then the rain started coming down hard, harder, it was like it was on the verge of being ice, I continued to sprint, the path began to over flow with water, it was like I was running through a river bed, as I was sprinting throwing my head over shoulder to see if the figure had followed me, but there was nothing there… When I turned back around I had to violently dodge a hanging branch, but I slipped, I hit the ground hard, as a result all the air was forcefully knocked out of my lungs, I sat up desperately trying to inhale air, I struggled but managed to get in a few shallow breaths.

What was that something? But all of a sudden I could have sworn I saw something, some one, I stopped to survey the area one last time. I heard Gothic story essay voices in my head, only to be surpassed by a horrible, disconcerting voice.

That jogged my memory, I should get home quick before it gets any worse.

Gothic story essay decided I was just hearing things, but just as I was about to go back up, I heard a door slamming behind me. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and my bedroom windows shut with a loud noise.

I squeezed my eyes even harder, I could see nothing, I grabbed my legs harder, and I began to sway faster… Back and forth … Back and forth…. I got a response, I saw the Gothic story essay move, one step, no two steps closer, my heart was pumping hard against my rib cab, then the figure looked up, and through the fog I saw two bright red eyes… staring directly at me… Out of pure shock I broke into a sprint into the direction of my house, branches and twigs were swiping against my face, lightly cutting it.

I grabbed a candle and light it and placed it on the table beside me, the small room was now candle lit. Somnolent, but determined, I carried on running deeper and deeper into the misty wood. I ran over to my door and tried to get out, but the door was locked!

As I was walking through the woods, sticking to my normal path, it hit me that the weather today has been awful, there was this heavy fog that prevented me seeing any further than 10 meters. I closed the door, I was in a tiny room in darkness so I lit the fire at sat next to it in a cradled position hugging my legs as tight as I could, I had a gentle swaying motion, back and forth…back…forth.

Suddenly a long moaning voice broke through the eerie silence. Slowly, I regained my consciousness and without thinking, I dashed up the stairs into the attic as fast as my legs would take me. It was so black I was convinced I had my eyes closed. I was starting to get frightened and I could feel my palms sweating and my heart pounding hard on my chest.

I saw an exact duplicate of myself, except much paler, and soaked with blood. I felt like I was going insane, the sound of the Thunder booming through the skies, rock like rain hitting against the tin roof, the branches scratching against the shutters, the fire being my only closure at this moment.

As I turned around on the edge of the fog a dark silhouette appeared, it looked like someone, so shouted out to them expecting a response. The smallest sounds made my heart skip a beat.

The sky was crying, its teardrops sealed my hair and clothes to my pale as paper skin. I began to feel the disturbance of the environment consequently, finding it harder and harder to disguise my apprehension.

Suddenly, I find myself falling. A crash and a pop made me jump although, they were only fireworks. As I stepped back slowly, I noticed something else. Sign-up for a database of essay examples and improve your grade! I was just about to dive right into my bed when I noticed that the blankets were torn up into shreds.

I went downstairs to investigate, but there was nothing unusual. I was trying to wrap my head around what I saw in the fog, was it my imagination? The aroma smelt musky and confined.

I could taste my desiccated mouth. The breeze went straight through be, I was stone cold, I lifted my head up and opened my eyes, I saw nothing, but then a flash of lighting illuminated the room, and there squatting in front of me I saw something, with claw like hands, a bony skinless body, but worst of all I saw two beady red eyes.

IT was even faster now! Suddenly, a loud, high pitched cackle came behind me. Even louder and faster now!Short Gothic Story Essay Sample.

Gothic Horror: Short Story.

The rain fell down like tiny stones onto my head, it was only a light shower at the moment, but as I recall the weather reporter said there would be an intensive storm soon.

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Essay Gothic Theme. foundation to gothic literature where Robert Louis Stevenson brought the internal battle in the gothic story, The Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Gothic setting are critical to any story. Stevenson begins with making a dark, supernatural tone of the setting of the story.

Very descriptive and spooky I could picture what was happening like I was in the story.

Short Gothic Story Essay Sample

I wanna know what is going to happen and find out what 'it' is. Great story very eye catching. Nov 12,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Gothic Short Story to help you write your own Essay. - An Exploration of Gothic Horror Stories Gothic horror is a type of romantic, horror fiction based on irrational fear that predominated in 18th century England.

The term 'gothic' originated from the .

Gothic story essay
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