Good questions to ask on a blind date

If you had one hour left to live what would you do? Who is your role model of the opposite sex? Did you like this place? Do you speak any other languages? What do you do when you feel like giving up? If you could live in any city, which would you choose?

What was the last movie that made you cry? Have you seen any good movies or TV shows lately? What are you passionate about? What is your favorite mistake?

What is 1 thing in your life that you are not doing that you wish you were? Do you believe in ghosts? What was the last book you read? Different vacation preferences or amounts of vacation time can be a major source of ongoing incompatibility.

What is your favorite book? What are your current goals in life?

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Are you a big fan of any major pro sports team? What is your favorite book you have read?

40 First Date Questions That Always Work

Do you have any pet peeves? Do you prefer hot or cold weather? What would you say is your most redeeming quality?

10 Interesting Blind Date Questions

What is one piece advice you would give to someone? What was your favorite year and why? Where are you originally from? Some of these questions may seem silly at first, but they can be very telling. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?The trick to successfully vetting a prospect on a first date, while simultaneously keeping the energy light and fun, is knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them.

For example, work, his or. Jan 05,  · If you are on a blind date, what would ask your date in order to get to know him and that would show if he's a good or a bad person? I wanna know coz I believe persons on blind dates usually act and pretend in order to make the other person like them or to appear good in front of Resolved.

Blind date questions don’t have a focus on his hobbies and interests only, it can be a good thing to talk about something different. Start by admitting that your clumsiness is a reason friends call you Bridget (Jones) and show that you can make a joke at your expense.

Fun Questions To Ask On A First Date To Start (And Keep) A Good Conversation Going. Conversations tend to lull every so often, especially with people you don’t know all that well.

When you’re on a first date, it’s a good idea to ask lots of questions so you can kickstart a good conversation and / or keep it going. (Before you can ask questions on a date, you have to choose a good spot. For ideas, check out our list of the Best First Date Ideas.) Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Entertaining as they are, blind date questions serve to open up a very closed stranger in a short amount of time. After all, going on a blind date is a difficult, unnatural task that can be fun albeit stressful.

Good questions to ask on a blind date
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