Easier to write a book or screenplay

Last year, the script had gotten U. If you get a request, then your screenplay becomes part of the slush. What I Learned in Hollywood I spent 15 years working at becoming a professional screenwriter before I made an outright sale of a feature film script. My Hollywood Comeback After selling two features in a row in and getting disappointed when neither of them went into production, I went back to journalism.

Now, I can be a pretty swift writer when I want to be, so my first draft—all 80, words of it—came out quick, but due to some family issues and a couple of paid script assignments, it was two more years before I could complete the rewriting and editing process.

Enter and win big contests. I realized my international story was the perfect candidate.

Why Screenwriters Are Writing Novels

Since some of the contacts I made while writing for kid magazines were actors and moviemakers, I inevitably resurrected my script ambitions, and got one of my scripts to Jim "Ernest" Varney, and he wanted to star in it. So when last month, at a reading for this novel at Bookworks in Albuquerque, a woman in the audience asked: Maybe a rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite.

In my case, I had a terrific relationship with my editor, and the most fighting I did was when I looked over the proofs, and I thought the font size was too small. So you decide to pursue it, even though you live in, say, Chicago.

Surely it has to be easier to break in, right? By day, I attended my screenwriting classes, took notes, and asked thoughtful questions; by night, I worked on a literary novel. Being a winner on the NBC game show Knockout hosted by Arte "Laugh In" Johnsonallowed me to make enough money to retire from the workaday world and learn the basics of screenwriting.

First of all, screenwriting is a completely different art form. There were few books on the market about how to write a screenplay, compared to the dozens available now. Book, or Script, or Both? I was eligible at last for membership in the Writers Guild of America, and life looked rosy.

I had a knack for them, apparently, because I sold 17 YA titles in three years. I thought about it long and hard. The smaller ones… well, do your research. But wait… surely some original scripts are purchased and produced?

Which is easier: selling a screenplay or a novel?

The script of Pulp Fiction, for example, sold over 50, copies. The attitude in the Petrie household has apparently leaked into the culture at large. Luckily, neither script was ever produced, or I might still be writing only screenplays. If I wanted to stray a bit from the main spine of my story, I could do that too.

I bought the B. After years of writing an untold amount of spec scripts…well, it had all become just a wee bit disheartening. Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! As many of you know, the so-called rules of screenwriting tend to be very stringent and confining; you have to conform to certain parameters.

Are they enjoying it? Even chatty films have something interesting going on, visually. The Non-Importance of Being Ernest What I discovered, however, was that Varney was no longer enough of a box-office draw to get a film funded.

Versatility works for me, but only because I know the lay of the land in many areas of writing. I did my research, rolled up my sleeves and started writing.

Most of them were written by working screenwriters. In order to sell a screenplay, you have to have sold a screenplay.

A few years ago I had grown weary of the screenwriting game. To me, a completed novel is not unlike a movie production.Script has been the leading source for information on the craft and business of writing for film and television since With inside information, articles written by working writers and filmmakers, and in-depth interviews, Script.

It never occurred to me to write the novel I recently published as a feature script. The story has multiple characters and story lines that would be difficult to compress into the roughly ninety minute span of a feature film. If it were to be adapted for the screen, it would have to be as a television series.

The novel and the screenplay do have one very important thing in common, however. They both have the same underlying story structure. The same story principles apply to both.

And, in fact, the screenplay can be an excellent first draft for a novel. Award-winning novelist and screenwriter Rebecca Williams Spindler describes the five major differences between writing a novel and writing a screenplay.

Award-winning novelist and screenwriter Rebecca Williams Spindler describes the five major differences between writing a novel and writing a screenplay. and their third book. But I would say, writing Screenplay is much easier than a novel. If you are trying to write a novel, you must have a perfect vision of what you are writing.

Should You Write a Novel or a Screenplay?

You must have the characters and characterizations, places, situations, and the climax. “I could never write a novel, but ” Because screenplays have fewer words than a novel, they should be easier to write, right? Besides, everyone’s seen bad movies.

It can’t be hard to write one better than The Grudge 2. “I could never direct a movie, but screenwriting is just words.” So much of moviemaking is esoteric and intimidating.

Easier to write a book or screenplay
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