Dont text and drive 2 essay

People often think that they can do two things at the same time. Just to show how distractions are very dangerous, I lost a friend over the weekend because she was probably not focused on the road and hit a curb and ended up in another vehicle, but do not make the same mistake, you can prevent it.

In the past few years the number of cell phone users has dramatically increased. According to the Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving, the three main types of distraction are visual, manual, and cognitive. How does texting while driving be so distracted?

For example, some people say that they can talk on the hands-free phone while driving. Others will see this and think it is okay for them to text and drive as well.

Don’t Text and Drive Essay

As you are driving you decide to send a text to let your partner know you did not forget and you are on your way… little did you know you were on your way to the hospital, It turns out that in those two seconds when you were looking at your cell phone you did not see the stop sign, let alone the minivan with the three young children.

Cognitive distraction occurs when drivers taking their mind off the road. Sending or receiving a text distracts the driver for an average of 4. The third distraction involves cognition. Manual distraction means take hands off the wheel, and cognitive means take mind off the road.

I am personally guilty of texting and driving until one day when I almost had an accident. Using your cell phone while driving is a very dangerous and hazardous action. People may have sent an occasional text while driving ten years ago, but because the keyboard was harder to use, people were not doing it as often.

Examples could range from fixing his or her hair, holding a cup of coffee, changing the radio stations, to the most obvious example, texting. Why you should not text and drive Specific purpose: It is like a deadly chain reaction.

Manual distraction is the second cause that runs a high risk of leading into an accident. Therefore, texting while driving should be ban. Texting while driving is the most dangerous because it involves all three main types of distraction.

Also, it will increase the risk of injury and property damage. In reality, human brain only performs one task at a time. Visual distraction means take eyes off the road. Those that have been injured or almost injured in an accident may no longer text and drive, but the vast majority of people that have yet to injure themselves or others while doing this will continue to text and drive because they feel safe.

I believe this ad has a very powerful meaning. Order now What does it mean to be a distracted driver? It takes away all the three important things that are needed for safe driving: While texting and driving has always been an issue since people were able to text on phones, it has not gained much media attention until recently.

How many functions human brains can perform at the same time? You have a date scheduled with your partner, but you over slept.

Along with this sudden burst, comes a corresponding effect of cell phone use in cars.Essay about Don’t Text and Drive - While I was driving to my house the other day I received a text message.

Instantly I grabbed it and answered at the same time I was driving. For just a second I distracted myself to see the cellphone instead of paying attention to the road.

Persuasive Speech: Don't Text and Drive

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Pink explains that people have operating systems--the first, Motivationis the biological drive to survive, and the second, Motivation (M2), is driven by extrinsic motivators. Don’t text and drive Victoria Guerriero Image Analysis “Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting.

When traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a. Aug 11,  · Dont Text and Drive PSA Tony Gentry. Loading Unsubscribe from Tony Gentry? I added the text for the hearing impaired by request. Category Film & Animation. We award four scholarships to high school, college and graduate school students.

Deadline: June 30, Don't Text and Drive Scholarship. This scholarship helps you understand the risks of texting while driving.

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Dont text and drive 2 essay
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