Dear editor

You have nursed it through several bouts of teething pains between 4 and 12 months of age, taught it to walk and speak short sentences, achieve both rake and pincer grasp and progress from sitting upright to walking up and down stairs.

Gene — via email Dear Editor: Need to go in for service? Frustration at the inaccurate content of the notice, both in regard to the reasons for retraction of the publications of the trials that were included in the meta-analysis and Dear editor assertion that the late Dr Sato was solely responsible for scientific misconduct.

Some motorists who wish to avoid the responsibilities and occasional inconveniences of motor vehicle travel have claimed that use of slow, open vehicles on roadways is unreasonably dangerous. If these bicycling critics are primarily interested in their own convenience as motorists, perhaps their efforts would be better spent lobbying for improved roadway facilities such as wide outside lanes.

Regarding the Acta Neurologica Scandinavica notice, Grey adds: That way we can continue to enjoy living in a free country, with equal opportunity for all.

This concept is fraught with problems. We also thought it unusual that the retraction notice included a statement from the lead author of the meta-analysis, who was a co-author on each of the retracted trial reports.

Although the cause and nature of the delays generated by traffic may appear different from one vehicle type to the next, comparison of the total induced delays caused by different vehicle types fails to reveal any significant net difference long-term.

May the government ban "sports cars", "sport utility vehicles" and "RVs" in order to spare the public from their impact on roads?

It is legal to cross over a double yellow line if you are turning into a driveway or business.

Dear editor: Your retraction notice stinks

Virtually never a line for service, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Specifically, as Grey and his colleagues note in their letter, Wiley the publisher and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ICMJE have guidelines Dear editor who deserves to be listed as an author on a paper; as a result, they write: Feel free to use this letter when responding to such.

In other locations, delays caused by slower traffic may be too small to warrant the costs of roadway widening, and taxpayer money may be better spent in other ways.

There was nothing wrong with the old location of the mailboxes. The Rosemead situation is located on the drive quite convenient for those driving into the center and those exiting.

The Rosemead boxes have been in operation for over forty years…perhaps the Arcadia Postmaster should have picked up the telephone and requested some advice from the dude at Rosemead. Rosemarie Vanderhaar — vial email Dear Editor: Between the diaper and formula and baby food expenses, my debt to you must by now be astronomical.

However, analysis of safety data for Dear editor transportation shows this to be untrue. The following is a generic "letter to the editor" written as a response to the typical anti-bicyclist letter or column demanding that bicyclists stay off of the roads.

The retracted paper is co-authored by researchers who used to collaborate with Yoshihiro Sato, a now-deceased bone researcher who has accrued dozens of retractions.

You have been on the receiving end of temper tantrums that ushered in the Terrible Twos, and managed them by appropriate limit setting. Fortunately, our roadways and traffic laws allow accommodation of a diversity of vehicle types for transportation. And there are two driving lanes for each direction of travel.

Jim McKellar Dear Editor: A couple of weeks after the boxes were moved, I actually voiced my displeasure to one of the clerks and was told that this was a temporary location for the boxes due to upcoming construction, that the post office had applied to the City for permits for the new permanent location.

No road user is immune to traffic delays or innocent of creating them for others. Please let me know if it is still under consideration by Awesome Stories. Bob Falcon — Via email Dear Editor: This is especially difficult if one is somewhat disabled.

It seems far better to allow everyone to use our roadways, and to design and regulate them to make them as safe and efficient as possible for mixed traffic. Grey tells Retraction Watch the letter was prompted by: You can read more about our thoughts on how journals shy away from discussing misconduct here.

My question to you though, is: The moving of the mailboxes has to be one of the most stupid move I have ever seen. This is especially true for those vehicles that are the most affordable, are the most environmentally friendly, occupy the least space, do the least damage to roadways, generate the least noise, and create the least danger for other innocent road users.

When issues of traffic-related inconvenience arise, the prudent response is to improve or supplement the transportation facility, not ban a segment of the population from travel.Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the recent article/letter in your publication disparaging bicycle drivers' use of roadways.

Different vehicle types have different advantages and disadvantages, and different people have different needs and. When you think a retraction notice doesn’t tell the whole story, what should you do?

For one group of researchers who’ve been closely following how journals handle the work associated with a bone researcher found guilty of misconduct, the actions of one publication were too problematic to let go. Dear Editor. by Anatoly Belilovsky.

Dear Editor, Submitted herewith for your kind consideration is “My Little Tale,” a flash piece of words. Sample Letters to the Editor. Example #1: Dear Editor, [Reporter’s Name]’s article, [Name of Article], of [Date of Article] was entirely misleading on.

Dear Editor

Poignant, hilarious, and brutally frank, Dear Editor reveals the personalities and untold stories behind the creation of modern poetry.

"The history of poetry and Poetry in America are almost interchangeable, certainly inseparable," A. R. Ammons wrote. Dear Editor: By Donna Dummer on Aug 10, at p.m.

Becky Norton is ready to focus on the concerns of our Red Wing city government issues. Becky has energy, a positive can do attitude and the willingness to ask questions.

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She is ready to focus on Red Wings budget. Becky is a single mother and a teacher in our public schools, who.

Dear editor
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