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The publication shall be made at least twice, once in the fifth week and once in the third week prior to the week in which the election or referendum is to be held. When the official represents a district and is elected only by electors residing in that district, only electors from that district are eligible to sign the petition to recall that official and are entitled to vote in the recall election.

The Elections Canvassing Commission shall immediately, upon receipt of returns from the county in which a special Chapter5the open economyquestions for review1 by is held, proceed to canvass the returns and determine and declare the result thereof. If the vacancy in nomination is for the office of United States Representative, state senator, state representative, state attorney, or public defender, the state party chair shall notify the appropriate county chair or chairs and, within 5 days, the appropriate county chair or chairs shall call a meeting of the members of the executive committee in the affected county or counties to consider designation of a nominee to fill the vacancy.

The dates fixed shall provide a minimum of 2 weeks between each election. If two or more candidates receive an equal and highest number of votes for the same office, such candidates shall draw lots to determine which candidate is nominated.

The Governor and the administrative officers of the executive branch of the state shall be elected for terms of 4 years in each even-numbered year the number of which is not a multiple of 4.

In a municipality or district of fewer than electors, the petition shall be signed by at least 50 electors or by 10 percent of the total number of registered electors of the municipality or district as of the preceding municipal election, whichever is greater.

If said bonds in the validation proceedings shall be held valid on final hearing or an intervention by the taxpayer shall be interposed and held not to have been sustained, then the judgment in said validation proceedings shall be final and conclusive as to the legality and validity of the referendum and of the declaration of the results thereof, and no separate suit to test the same shall be thereafter permissible.

However, this paragraph does not apply to a candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor who applies to fill a vacancy in nomination for the office of Governor on the same ticket or to a person who has withdrawn or been eliminated as a candidate and who is subsequently designated as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor under s.

A person who violates this subsection commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. The term of office of each member of the Legislature shall begin upon election. In fixing such dates the Department of State shall take into consideration and be governed by the practical time limitations.

In case any such referendum or the declaration of results thereof shall be adjudged to be illegal and void in any such suit, the judgment shall have the effect of nullifying the referendum. The action shall be brought against the county commissioners in the case of a county or district referendum, or against the governing authority of the municipality in the case of a municipal referendum.

All signatures shall be obtained, as provided in paragraph ewithin a period of 30 days, and all signed and dated petition forms shall be filed at the same time, no later than 30 days after the date on which the first signature is obtained on the petition.

The inspectors shall make public proclamation of the opening and closing of the polls.

The term of office of a school board member and of a superintendent of schools shall begin on the second Tuesday following the general election in which such member or superintendent is elected. In any instance in which a nominee is selected by a committee to fill a vacancy in nomination, such nominee shall pay the same filing fee and take the same oath as the nominee would have taken had he or she regularly qualified for election to such office.

The candidate receiving the highest number of votes cast in each contest in the primary election shall be declared nominated for such office. The rate of such interest shall be the rate established pursuant to s. The name of any person so designated shall be submitted to the filing officer before whom the candidate qualified within 7 days after notice to the chair in order that the person designated may have his or her name on the ballot of the ensuing general election.

In the event less than a majority of those voting on the issue voted in favor of the issuance of the proposed bonds, then the issuance of those specified bonds shall be deemed to have failed of approval and it is unlawful to issue or attempt to issue said bonds.

No suit shall be brought to test the validity of any bond referendum unless the suit shall be instituted within 60 days after the declaration of the results of the referendum.CHAPTER5The Open EconomyQuestions For Review1 By; CHAPTER12The Open Economy RevisitedQuestions For Review1; Tax Essay; Air pollution Essay; Trojan War Essay; United Airlines Essay; Recycling Essay; Board of directors Essay; Join millions of other students and start your research Become a StudyMode Member.

(1) The polls shall be open at the voting places at a.m., on the day of the election, and shall be kept open until p.m., of the same day, and the time shall be regulated by the customary time in standard use in the county seat of the locality.

The inspectors shall make public proclamation of the opening and closing of the polls. During the. I'm just starting out to learn all about sql databases. For now based on previous suggestions that was given to me online, I've incorporated a using statement to avoid problems in sql connection an.

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