Analyzing financial indicators essay example

The skill mix will allow other personnel to cross-train and learn skills to assist with issues that may arise. What did I learn? With such trend, the future would even have been highly explosive in profitability.

I know that paying close attention to balance sheets and cash flow statements is beneficial to the financial success of the an organization. If the hospital is not able to begin expansion at a certain time, the company does not want to feel pressure to use funds.

Annual maintenance is crucial to an organization such as a hospital. They had grown from low levels in to higher levels in which showed its growing and stabilizing capacity towards the ability of utilizing its operating assets.

The issue is will the organization be able to make these changes with the downturn in funding? I learned that equipment purchase can take a massive amount of thought, as far as loan option upgrades and maintenance. This indicates a reducing level with which the hospital would have future solvency.

The options stated showed that the organization would have higher liability cost than operating lease. Its profitability indicators as provided by the levels of operating margins, return on equity and gross Margin depict a wide scope of stability across the period.

These elements put hospitals at an immense risk and will usually result in an expansion and changes being made to the facility. Secondly, the liquidity ratios as provided by quick and current ratios were gradually stabilizing from across University of Phoenix,pp.

The agencies usually charges a fee for recruiting health professionals, if the company stopped using the agency, the company can save money and utilized the funds for other objectives. The reason for my choice was HUD had the lower interest rate and there was no period for which the funds can be used.

With such trend, it had a composite of even stronger future strength in this asset utilization http: Charles can be described as a driving tool towards highly favorable level of functionality.

The managers must weight out options and come up with the best conclusion at the time.

I think that element is important because, it is big when an organization is going through an expansion, and timing is very crucial. This can be important when purchasing equipment. The loan option chosen was option one. Capital Shortage for Elijah Heart Center The cost cutting option selected was changing skill mix and reducing agency staff.

By and large however, comparative analysis between the national benchmarks and the St. Elsewhere, its liquidity indicators as provided by both current and quick ratios is also stable across the period? Additionally, its capital structure ratios provide important aspects towards making management decisions.

Communicating changes to other personnel is important and staying open to change and learning can be a benefit to any organization. Both the cost cutting measures and the loan option was the same. My basic motivation for choosing option one was interest.

I would also pay more attention to monthly installments options for leasing. The optimal goal was for the high speed CT scanner was refurbished equipment strategy, the x-ray machine was capital lease, and the ultrasound system was operating lease.

This implies that the industry is able in meeting its short-term obligations in its financial obligations. Comparatively, the hospital was operating at huge financial deficits as promulgated by its profitability ratio and unfavorable indices as provided by its liquidity, efficiency and capital structure.

Lower interest rates are beneficial to any organization that is going to develop their facility. The other cost cutting option I selected was reducing agency staff. In financials it important at some point to see into the future that may sound strange; however, it is realistic.

Funding Options for Equipment Requisition The equipment option that I selected was operating lease for high speed CT scanner, x-ray machine, and ultrasound system. The analysis of financial stability is directly involved with good decision making and planning.Analyzing Financial Indicators Financial indicators for health care organizations completely assess the strengths of some of the most significant parts of the organization.

Establishing dimensions of financial performance provides a primary structure for recognition of important financial indicators.

Financial and Operating Indicator Analysis Report Essay Sample

- Interpretation of Financial Statements There are three main aids to the analysis of financial statements: HORIZONTAL and TREND ANALYSIS VERTICAL ANALYSIS RATIO ANALYSIS HORIZONTAL and TREND ANALYSIS ===== Horizontal analysis involves a line by line comparison of one set of data with another - for example, the.

The operating indicator analysis examines internal data to determine the factors that contribute to the financial status of the company. These indicators are used by managers to identify and guide financial strategies for the future.

Financial Statement Analysis Paper Example 1: Dell Computer Dell Inc.

Analyzing Finacial Indicators for Decison Making Paper

Current Year Prior Year 3 Years Ago $ Percent $ Percent $ Percent Income Statement Revenue 61, % 52, % 61, %. Analyzing Financial Indicators for Decision Making Paper Bruce Conner HCS/ February 21, Debbie Allen Analyzing Financial Indicators for Decision Making Paper Why are most hospitals in the United States economically susceptible?

During the recession the health care industry was often faced with many obstacles. The relationship of these indicators is synonymous to comparative financial ratios, which would compare the financial and performance level of both the national benchmarks and the St.

Mary’s hospital (Edward,p. ).

Analyzing financial indicators essay example
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