An analysis of the works of robert frost

Waggoner observed, Frost also upheld T. After the death of his father from tuberculosis when Frost was eleven years old, he moved with his mother and sister, Jeanie, who was two years younger, to Lawrence, Massachusetts.

At its face value, the poem can be read and understood fairly easily. Frost served as consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress from to Frost certainly did not have the easiest of lives, and this is strongly reflected in his work. It begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a loneliness.

Still, to assume it is God or a God-like figure would make sense as a concept, but the point of the poem is, as the title suggests, the question itself. Unless you are at home in the metaphor, unless you have had your proper poetical education in the metaphor, you are not safe anywhere. At the same time, his adherence to meter, line length, and rhyme scheme was not an arbitrary choice.

Poetry provides the one permissible way of saying one thing and meaning another The couple moved to England inafter they tried and failed at farming in New Hampshire.

A Question by Robert Frost

And in this light, A Question makes in incredible amount of sense — how many times over the course of his difficult life would Frost have asked himself what the point of it all was?

Robert Frost continues to hold a unique and almost isolated position in American letters. This was the special significance of Robert Frost. But as this poem indicates, Frost was not quite like that himself.

Thankfully, he was able to channel his pain into his poetry, and was able to give much to the world; a great many people unfortunately find themselves on a path that is far more destructive.

Most of my ideas occur in verse Our national strength matters; but the spirit which informs and controls our strength matters just as much. How much more grief could one human heart possibly take? Personal loss, grief, tragedy; in a sense, these are destiny, and that seems to be what this poem is getting at.

On his seventy-fifth birthday, the U.A Question by Robert Frost. Robert Frost. A Question by Robert Frost. Prev Article Next Article.

It is one of the shorter works written by the poet, but it is filled with powerful emotion that renders the titular question as something to truly consider and think about in day-to-day living. Historical Analysis. For Robert Frost, that. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Robert Frost's poems.

Nature Imagery in the Works of Robert Frost Robert Frost in England -. * Illustrated with the original images. * Annotated with concise introduction, including analysis of Robert Frost's works as well as modern view on Robert Frost's historical background.

* The collection includes alphabetical and chronological indexes of Robert Frost's works. * Each book features its /5(27). Poet Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, but his family moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts, in following his father’s death.

The move was actually a return, for Frost’s ancestors were originally New Englanders, and Frost became famous for his poetry’s “regionalism,” or engagement with New England locales, identities, and themes. Robert Frost - Poet - One of the most celebrated poets in America, Robert Frost was an author of searching and often dark meditations on universal themes and a quintessentially modern poet in his adherence to language as it is actually spoken, in the psychological complexity of his portraits, and in the degree to which his work is infused with layers of.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost(March 26, – January 29, ) Robert Lee Frost was an American poet. He is highly regarded for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech.

An analysis of the works of robert frost
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